Playoffs Game 4 Brooklyn Bar Watch!

Folks, howabout those of us who couldn't get a ticket to the game at Barclay's Center have ourselves a good ol' fashioned bar watch? Playoff hockey goes great with drinks and things, so how about an off-the-beaten-path spot to watch our Isles take it to Bill Torrey's other team? I know we'd all rather be in the Barclay's, if you're like me and couldn't make that happen, come hang out with me and cheer the team on from within an establishment where drinking happens? Note: I'm awesome to hang out with.

For Game 1, I invited folks to hang out with me at Union Grounds, which is a nice place, but if you guys would rather hang out closer to the arena, we can instead hit up a spot on 4th or 5th Street and greet the revelers who got to attend as they continue their drinking after the game. McMahon's and Montrose are cool, but kind of crowded and chaotic, so how's about we hit up a place like Pacific Standard? They have a nice back room with a projection screen we can take over, though we may have to talk them into not showing the A's at Yankees on that. They did post a FanPost here, so that makes me want to support them.

What say you, folks? Anyone want to hang out with TheOldBarn at a local bar while watch our Islanders in the playoffs?

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