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Video: Hear Thomas Hickey Yell 'BROCK!' on Islanders Overtime Goal vs. Panthers

Which is short for "HEY I'M OPEN AND I CAN WIN THIS."

For an arena that had to replace a place known as "Fort Neverlose," Barclays Center did pretty well in its NHL playoff debut. It building was packed, the atmosphere was great, and the fans were very loud.

Except when it looked like the Isles had fallen behind 3-0 (they didn't, video review reversed time), and except late in overtime, when the Isles were on their heels and the whole crowd digested the nervous tension.

Lucky for us, that means you could hear Thomas Hickey's alert call for the pass from Brock Nelson on Hickey's overtime goal to win Game 3 of the Islanders' series with the Florida Panthers.

As Josh Bailey works the puck in the corners to Nelson, Hickey sees the opening to jump down into the slot.

"BROCK!" he yells.

Brock delivered. The pass came through. Hickey buried it past Roberto Luongo. The Isles took a 2-1 series lead and welcomed Barclays Center to playoff hockey the same way Nassau Coliseum went out: With a win.