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Video: Aaron Eklbad's goal overturned on video review because of offside a while back

Thank goodness for arbitrarily deciding which rules are important enough for video review!

The video review of offside enabled by coach's challenge was a star for the third consecutive night in the NHL playoffs. This time the benefactor was the New York Islanders, who would've fallen behind 3-0 at home in their Game 3 match with the Florida Panthers.

Instead, the Islanders coaches challenged that the play leading to Aaron Ekblad's goal was offside upon zone entry. Turns out it was -- barely, by the slimmest of margins, but indeed so. Jonathan Huberdeau's excellent foot control with the puck was erased since his skate blade went over the line just a hair before the puck did. There was a lot of sprayed snow around the puck, too, so credit HD cameras with getting this one "right."

The Isles received a power play soon afterward and scored, making it 2-1 when it could've been 3-0.

While the Panthers got their two-goal lead back shortly afterward, the margin was significant and erasable thanks to the overturn. Indeed, the Isles tied it up at 3-3 by the end of the second period, and that remained the score as the game went to overtime.

Naturally, the Isles won the game in overtime on Thomas Hickey's goal. With the pivotal review, all agreed an assist goes to the video coach: