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Zeitgeist: NHL Coaches Challenge Challenge coming soon to the Nintendo Wii U eShop

Now the power to decide a professional hockey game on a tiny video tablet is in your hands!

Can you overcome the challenges of NHL coaches and make the right call?

The home team has just scored the go-ahead goal. The crowd is on its feet. The game is over. Or is it? Experience the high-stakes pressure of being an NHL referee by reviewing every phantom goalie interference penalty and infinitesimal offsides play using the same Wii U Game Pad the pros use!

The job is perilous, as every coach in the NHL is out to get you, save their job and win the game. But you have a few tricks up your sleeve! You can use extra camera angles, confer with fellow officials and call into the Toronto War Room for extra help. Take all the time in the world to rack up bonus points. Then activate the Magic Mic to make the final call and turn half the arena into either an enemy or a friend. But watch out - a single mistake could ruin your career forever!

Combining clever sports puzzles with tricky judgment calls and a mindbogglingly boring style, NHL Coaches Challenge Challenge is destined to be around for a long, long time!

Game Details

System WiiU Category Sports, Strategy, Time-Wasting
Release Date 4/28/2016 Publisher NHL Software
No. of Players 4 players (2 Refs, 2 Linesmen)
Developer NHL Board of Governors


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This is obviously fake. The last hockey game on a Nintendo console came with a plastic mini stick to attach to a Wii Remote.