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A short and non-comprehensive list of Brooklyn & New York City bars for Islanders fans

If you ask to put the Islanders game on here, it's okay. anyone running a tab? anyone running a tab?
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A question we hear/read often is, "where are people meeting up before or after Islanders games at Barclays Center?" To be honest, I don't know because I am an old person who lives in the suburbs of New Jersey and my Brooklyn bar-hopping days are behind me.

But there have been mentions at LHH of bars and restaurants near the arena that are openly Islanders fan friendly. Here's a short and completely non-comprehensive list of a few places that have come up in comments and FanPosts over the season.

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McMahons Public House, 39 5th Ave. Only a couple blocks from Barclays Center, this Irish pub has already become a pre-and-post game meeting spot for Islanders fans. Community member and noted craft beer connoisseur Head of Metal first mentioned McMahon's in a FanPost back in November.

Union Grounds, 270 Smith Street. (between Degraw and Sackett). It's a little further away from the arena, but this smaller spot in Carroll Gardens comes recommended by community member TheOldBarn in this FanPost, and might be more convenient for folks coming from lower Brooklyn.

The Montrose, 47 5th Ave. Also very close to Barclays, the Montrose features tons of craft beers and hard liquors and is very Islanders fan friendly according too... uh, these guys on Reddit.

Pacific Standard, 82 4th Ave. An extra block past the arena and into Park Slope is the Pacific Standard, which boasts a collection of west coast microbrews and a Frequent Drinkers Program. One of the owners posted a FanPost about it before the season started.

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New York City

Overlook, East 44th (between 2nd and 3rd Aves). Overlook is fully on the Islanders bandwagon, billing itself as the "Best Islanders Bar in Manhattan" and getting some social media mentions from the team. It's right near Grand Central, so it could work for both Manhattan-ites and fans coming from Westchester or Connecticut. Community member Uwe43 already had a meet-up there before Game 1 of the playoffs.

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By all means, if you know of or work at or own a bar, restaurant, pub, beer garden, speakeasy, supper club or other spot where Islanders fans are welcome to gather in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, on Long Island or anywhere else, drop them in the comments. Thanks in advance. Have fun and be safe, everyone.