Playoffs Game 1 Brooklyn Bar Watch!

So, I know that all the Manhattan folks are planning to watch Game 1 at Overlook, which is definitely recommended, but some of us don't feel like making that commute. I will be working from home tomorrow, so I'm going to stick around in Brooklyn that night. Now, I could just watch the game at home, but this is the playoffs. That means we should celebrate with drinks and things.

To that end, I propose any Downtown Brooklyn folks who are so inclined join me at Union Grounds on Smith Street. It's a nice bar that's supportive of Islander folks. It's small, and so is their beer selection, but there are a lot of TV's and they have pretty decent food there. I like it. I've held a couple of bar watches there in the past, and they've gone well.

I'll be there around 7:00 or so, and will be joined by a couple of real life friends who aren't really hockey fans but will support the team (and they will drink with us). If you want to look for me, I'm short and have long black hair. I'll probably be wearing my black Islanders hoodie depending on the weather. I'll update here with my description if it changes from whatever I just said.

Hope to see some cool LHH'ers there tomorrow, and Let's Go Isles!

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