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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 16 - Staring Up Into Space

Featuring super special guest star Arthur Staple of Newsday.

Mike and Dan are joined by Newsday Islanders beatwriter Arthur Staple to talk about the team's state going into their first round playoff series against the Florida Panthers. They also discuss the many voices picking against the Islanders and possible X-factors for the series, be they players, ice conditions or dozens of flying plastic rodents.

Your ears aren't deceiving you. Around the 40 minute mark, we had some technical issues and there are a few jumps in time.

Many, many thanks to Art for taking the time to talk with us. And thanks again to iTunes user ShootSpeed for a great review. I don't know if an "ExPat Brit" means you're a Brit living in the U.S. or an American living in England, but either way, thanks for listening and for reading Lighthouse Hockey. Yes, all hockey fans are this crazy.

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