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Finishing Touch: John Tavares named NHL's First Star of the Week

Nice work this week.

I'll take that.
I'll take that.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In a triumph of patience and common sense, Islanders captain John Tavares was named the NHL's First Star of the Week, disappointing only the more dedicated and insane conspiracy theorists among us.

Tavares had nine points (four goals, five assists) in his four final regular season games this week, including three points each in back-to-back games against the Lightning and Capitals on Monday and Tuesday. He also scored an empty net goal and had an assist against the Rangers on Thursday and scored the game-tying goal against the Sabres on Saturday.

At Saturday night's game, several lights at Barclays Center failed to turn on after the first intermission. During the stoppage, Tavares personally climbed up to the rafters to change any of the blown bulbs and test all of the wiring to make sure the system is fully up to date on all of the latest building codes. He was singlehandedly able to reignite many of the lights and get the game back on track. The man is truly a dynamo.

Tavares sat out Sunday's game against the Flyers because even Superman needs a day off every once in a while. He finishes the regular season with 33 goals and 37 assists, as the Islanders prepare to play the Florida Panthers in the first round of the playoffs starting on Thursday night in Sunrise.

I'll say it again: Cherish this man.