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Johnny Boychuk Receives 'Good Guy' Award Despite Viciously Breaking Teammate's Leg

I'm here to tell ya this never would've happened in the old days.

Oh what is the "good guy" playing through pain? That's what they want you to believe.
Oh what is the "good guy" playing through pain? That's what they want you to believe.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

You know they say the world is going to hell in a handbasket and we have no values anymore and I guess that applies to the good ol' hockey game.

Someone call up Don Cherry because there is an outrage afoot in the Brooklyn and Franky Sinatra isn't returning my calls anymore. The New York Islanders and their media lapdogs gave Johnny Boychuk their "Good Guy Award."

That's right, the same Johnny Boychuk who broke his teammate's leg earlier in the week with a vicious, unprovoked (and unpunished, not that the media will tell you that part) shot to the leg. He's even proud of it, just look at that smug grin he's got when they gave him this blood silver:

For my money they never would of let this happen if the team was still on Long Island but I guess that's what happens when you lose your sense of community values. Johnny Boychuk makes a lot of money so you know that was a factor. That Wang probably has something to do with this, you know nothing happens without him signing off on it. (Don't get me started on them trading for Jaraslovl Hulk when they knew damn well Marty Turk was still available and just looking to help a team win.)

I just don't get it to be honest.  -the Internet

Anders Lee makes a lot of money now too but what did he ever do to Boychuk? True, Lee is an American while Boychuk is a good Canadian boy -- on second thought, maybe Don Cherry isn't the guy to call about this -- but you would think that even with all the money in today's game that loyalty and teammate camaraderie still mean something.

I guess not.

I just don't get it to be honest. I know the Islanders have a lot of prospects in the system, a lotta good young Canadian boys who will push for jobs. (Speaking of which one of them, Ryan Pulock, at least has the decency to hurt the OTHER team's guys with his slapshots.) But to my knowledge Lee isn't even a defenseman so I don't see what Boychuk has against him in terms of taking jobs and keeping Europeans from taking them.

Maybe I'm wrong and I didn't look it up but I just don't think they ever gave Tonya Harding a "Good Gal" award after she did the same thing to Nancy Kergan. But then again that was a different era. When men were men and women didn't have one professional hockey league, much less two of 'em, and some of these ladies if I'm still allowed to call them that even expecting to be paid. (Though to tell you the truth, I'd take that Harding broad on my team over some soft Koverlov or Zuberchuk any day of the week. At least you know she'll do whatever it takes to win.)

Anyway, this is just wrong and I just feel like someone had to say it. You know those bloggers won't, they just cozy up to the players in the hopes of getting one of those glamorous beatwriter jobs. If I were a beat guy I'd watch my back, but then again I also would never give a guy an award for trying to kill his own teammate.


This post might be a tad facetious. By all accounts Johnny Boychuk is an awesome, generous dude and a good guy, and don't get us started on Anders Lee because we're still sad.