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Watch: Tavares picks off Leafs pass, gets breakaway and scores off his own rebound

Look, ma. Great hands.

Poetry in stop motion.
Poetry in stop motion.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not sure if this is common knowledge but John Tavares is from Toronto. I know, right? Crazy.

So when the Islanders play the Maple Leafs, Tavares has even more spotlights on him than he normally does. And in the first period of tonight's game at Air Canada Centre, Tavares opened the scoring by picking off a Maple Leafs pass, trucking across the ice on a breakaway and scoring on his own rebound.

As Nazim Kadri lost control of the puck near the Islanders' blue line, Tavares pounced, knocking the puck into the neutral zone, retrieving it and doing his thing.

Tavares Leafs breakaway

Tavares' first shot was stopped by goalie Garrett Sparks, but that short little rebound went right back to him and Tavares stuffed it past Sparks' five hole.

The Leafs eventually tied the game later in the period. But the members of Tavares' family in attendance were most likely cheering this one the loudest.