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Battle of the Super Hockey Ladies: Flyers Bra Thrower vs. Nassau Coliseum mom

Sit down, kids. It's story time.


Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice releases in a few weeks, but it kinda looks like hot garbage so who cares? Instead, let's take a look at a true battle of titans: a face-off between two amazingly brassy hockey ladies.

Anne Duggan

When Philadelphia's Brayden Schenn scored three times on Monday against Calgary, hats weren't the only things that came raining down onto the Wells Fargo Center's ice. One lady in the crowd threw a bra into the mix and CSN Philly's Breakfast on Broad morning show found her for an interview.

Flyers fan Anne Duggan is definitely ready for prime time right from the jump. From her explanation of the logistics of throwing a bra on the ice (by carting an extra bra to games for THREE SEASONS) to the risque jokes she's got about the Harlem Globetrotters' balls to the story about her intimate meeting with Flyers legend Bernie Parent (which is found in the extended Director's Cut at Crossing Broad), Anne is ready to party.

*   *   *

Joy Rosen

You may remember Islanders fan Joy Rosen from last season, in which she told MSG Network's Shannon Hogan that the Nassau Coliseum parking lot was the site of many personal glories over the previous 43 years, including the conception of her son during the team's dynasty era.

Our own Keith Quinn captured Joy's historic TMI moment in glorious Vine-o-Vision. The in-game interview isn't as long as Anne's, but it has a shocking twist you don't see coming. Joy's video is like an exquisitely crafted (but salty) episode of the Twilight Zone, while Anne's is like a Sex & the City marathon.

*   *   *

So, who ya got? As an Islander fan and lover of great storytelling, I'm still siding with Joy. But, um, I wouldn't want to tell that to Anne. She'd kick my ass.