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Islanders Gameday News: Tomb Raiders; Gone Home; Ho-Sang's Final Fantasy

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Please win.

This could be you but you a Blue Jacket.
This could be you but you a Blue Jacket.
Al Bello/Getty Images

Tonight's game against the Blue Jackets is vitally important for the Islanders as well as one particular Columbus player. Sorry, Sonny. One team needs the points, one doesn't.

FIG picks go here. Game time is 7 pm.

Islanders links

  • Wondering about the Islanders clinching scenarios? Eric Hornick was thinking of you. [NYI Skinny]
  • So, like, who starts Game 1 of the playoffs for the Islanders? Good question. [NY Post]
  • Whoever's in, the play of the goalies will be a huge factor. Color me shocked. [Newsday]
  • The Times talks about Clutch Clutterbuck.
  • Despite winning an important shootout on Tuesday, the Islanders' locker room as all business. [IPB]
  • Leboff and I chatted for an hour about Canes, Cappy, playoff worries and terrible Stan Fischler jokes. [Islanders Anxiety]
  • It was status quo in the Power Rankings for the Islanders this week. [LHH]
  • Mike Halmo has turned it on for the Sound Tigers' second half. [CT Post]
  • Kyle Schempp arrives and other Bridgeport notes in Soundin' Off.
  • Video: Schempp talks about heading off into the NHL. [9and10news]
  • Josh Ho-Sang had an assist (good) and a bunch of dumb penalties (bad) in Niagara's 2-1 win over Ottawa. The Ice Dogs have a 3-1 lead in the series. [St. Cath. Standard]
  • Ho-Sang has big plans for his final junior playoffs. [Sportsnet]
  • Kingston can close out Oshawa with a win tonight, which Michael Dal Colle and his teammates won't be an easy one. [Whig]
  • Hockey's Future on Ilya Sorokin, who has lead his team to the KHL's Gagarin Cup final.
  • Newsday takes us inside the gutted corpse of Nassau Coliseum, which will re-open bright and shiny and renovated in March 2017. But, uh, don't expect the Islanders to be there, too. [Opening | Mangano and Ratner won't commit to hockey in da new arener]
  • The NHL's Stanley Cup promo features home movies, including some of Shane Prince. [Dem & Chron]


  • Philly also won a huge shootout last night to come two points closer to the Islanders in the standings. [BSH]
  • Massapequa native Sonny Milano's first NHL game will be against his favorite team growing up, in their new home that's (still) close to where he was raised. Count him in for a couple of points tonight, easily. [BJ Xtra]
  • The most damning, most humiliating and most grammatically frightening of the NHL's leaked emails are all right here if you don't have hours to read them all. [Puck Daddy | SBN]
  • Those emails are a fascinating look into the arguments for and against fighting that happen within the league's "brain trust." [SBN]
  • Duncan Keith's slash to the face of Charlie Coyle should finally earn him a long suspension he's avoided for a long while. [SBN]
  • Vinny Trocheck will miss the rest of the regular season, which is a big problem for the Panthers. [PHT]