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Islanders captain John Tavares named to Team Canada for World Cup

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Be careful.

This man is precious goods. Hands off, you animals.
This man is precious goods. Hands off, you animals.
Sanford Myers/Getty Images

In a totally shocking turn of events that no one could have predicted and will surely rock the hockey world, New York Islanders captain John Tavares was named to Team Canada's roster for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

Tavares is the only Islander to make the squad's preliminary roster, which also includes Sidney Crosby, Steven Stamkos, Jonathan Toews, Drew Doughty, Jamie Benn and Braden Holtby (But not P.K. Subban. Yet).

[Normally, I would pause here to list some of Tavares' stats. blah blah blah you can look them up yourself. He's great.]

Look, John, buddy: you don't know me but I care very much about your well-being. You are a very important person to me, to some of my friends and to a hockey team I invest a lot of time and energy into.

Yes, this tournament is being played in your hometown this Fall and you're a super-intense competitor and asking you to not go is stupid. So I won't.

If you choose to go to the World Cup (and there's nothing saying you have to, in case you were wondering. I'm just saying), please - for the sake of everything - be careful and return to Brooklyn fully healthy. I know I sound crazy and I know that what happened in Sochi was like a freak thing and that, between you and me, the Islanders' season at that point was on life support anyway.

But, still, seeing you receive that gold medal while on crutches broke my spirit terribly. I felt bad for you, for me, for your family, for your teammates and coaches, for Sparky the Dragon, and for everyone that cares very deeply about the Islanders (even the people that are always angry and never shut up a minute). And that was with a season already basically over. Having it happen before a season starts would be too much.

I'm just asking that you please take care of yourself. A lot of us depend on you. But you know that already because you're the best.

And, uh, congrats on the nomination.