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Islanders News: Now to Nashville. Please get to the rink on time.

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But, hey: point!

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Look, if anyone is lying down here, it's us.
Look, if anyone is lying down here, it's us.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Take a breath, everyone. The Islanders next play Thursday night in Nashville. Let's hope it's a productive tour of Music City.

Islanders things

  • Recaps: LHH | Newsday | Islanders | | NYI Skinny | Pensburgh
  • Mikhail Grabovski returned to the lineup, but Brock Nelson, Ryan Pulock and Shane Prince sat as a way to mitigate fatigue, according to Capuano. [Newsday]
  • The Islanders' magic number is now 19, so says Eric Hornick.
  • The official site runs down the prospects, including Michael Dal Colle's big week.
  • Notes from Tuesday's Sound Tigers' practice. [Soundin' Off]
  • The Tigers also played sled hockey against a local Connecticut team. [CT Post]
  • The Point Blank Podcast talks to Dave Scatchard about his trade to the Islanders, the evolution of that incarnation of the team and the very emotional games around September 11th, 2001.
  • Garik guested on the Pittsburgh-centric Garage League podcast (great name, BTW) to clue Pens Nation in on the state of the Islanders.
  • Shannon Hogan blogs about the loss of a special person in her life and a lesson for all of us. [MSG Networks]

Other things

  • Day Two of the GMs meetings focused on shrinkage - as in goalie equipment - and other topics. [ESPN]
  • Signs point to Michel Therrien returning to Montreal next season and the Eyes on the Prizers are just thrilled.
  • Brandon Saad talks about his family in Syria and how he has taken in several relatives who have fled the country. [The Guardian]
  • So, it turns out concussions can lead to CTE. Pay attention, Gary. [Puck Daddy]
  • If Red Wings rookie Dylan Larkin goes missing, creepy stalker Paul Holmgren will be the prime suspect. [WIIM]