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Islanders News: Thomas Greiss is calmer than you are

Dude, phone's ringing. You're the new starter.

And now it is time my Sprockets we must dance.
And now it is time my Sprockets we must dance.
Al Bello/Getty Images

The Islanders got to recharge some yesterday, and as the rest set in and the fuel tank restored they no doubt had that hindsight moment of "Really? We couldn't even pot one shootout goal against Toronto?" thoughts. So it goes. Life is winding, the 82-game season is long.

Islanders Reads
  • Thomas Greiss, ever chill, is totally calm(-er than you are, Dude) with this taking over for Jaroslav Halak thing. [Newsday] (Teaser alert: Check back later this morning for Garik's post on whether we too should be so calm.)
  • Wait! Forget all that. SI says Isles fans should be very worried. [SI]
  • Yesterday was the 36th anniversary of the "final piece" trade, that being the one and only Butch Goring. We salute. [LHH]
  • Power Rankings: The Isles had a great road trip but the pundits didn't exactly notice. [LHH]
  • Nick Leddy is in rare company, and you won't believe the other three Isles names on the list. [NYISkinny]
  • More notes and scuttlebutt on Capuano's post-game comments, various guys who have "picked it up" and various unnamed who need to. [ESPN]
  • Get to know Shane Prince, the Islanders' most famous Brooklyn Nets fan. [Isles]
  • Sound Tigers notes, and mind the dust. [Soundin' Off]
  • The Isles wore jerseys. You can bid on them. [Isles]
Beyond Brooklyn and Boston
  • Scary and frankly a bummer: P.K. Subban stretchered off after his head collided with a teammate's knee. [SB Nation]
  • Here are the top 15 NHL free agent prospects in the NCAA, and I'm sure some of them will totally turn out better than Gilroy and Schultz. [SBN College Hockey]
  • Darnell Nurse was suspended three games for jumping Roman Polak. How important was this moment of misunderstood old time hockey? [Copper & Blue]
  • Jakub Voracek dunked on Charlie, yo. [BSH]
  • Google wants a whole arena to play its mobile game against one another as part of a Chromecast promo and the general soul-sucking downfall of our society. [Ad Week]
  • The Avs aren't making the playoffs, you guys. [TSN]
  • With the outdoor games announced, here are 18 venues that would also make cool outdoor hockey settings. I want to bid on the game-worn TSP car. [SB Nation]
  • Various notes on next year's NHL jerseys. [Icethetics]
  • Charting it: What if Jaromir Jagr never sojourned to the KHL? [TSN]
  • These are the follower and like counts for every NHL team's official accounts. [Raw Charge] (By the way, if you don't follow or occasionally check @IslesFacebook on Twitter, a collection of the most totally Facebooky comments left on the team's official account, then you either are a healthy individual who doesn't need to laugh at that part of society, or else you hate fun.)
  • Pay attention, tankers. This is how you flip the switch from Leaf-ing stock to contender. [Down Goes Brown - Sportsnet]