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Islanders Gameday News: Fresh Prince, stand-pat Canucks, Bridgeport swap

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Oh, and the aftermath of the trade deadline

"Psst, wait, Daniel...why are those guys still here?"
"Psst, wait, Daniel...why are those guys still here?"
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It feels like a whole world yet from now, but the New York Islanders have a game tonight, 10 p.m. EST start in Vancouver. Leave your FIG picks here.

Islanders Reads

Oh, but was yesterday a big deal? Not exactly, as the NHL trade deadline was pretty quiet around the league, disappointing media and irate fans everywhere. When Kris Russell and Lee Stempniak are your big names, you might be an addict.

  • The Islanders acquired Shane Prince though. Sure, you may not know who he is, but this is what it sounds like when doves cry. [LHH]
  • A deeper look at Prince shows a promising asset underused in Ottawa. [LHH] (Look for more on this from Garik this morning.)
  • Garth Snow tells Arthur Staple Prince "isn't a rental. He is a player we feel can rotate up and down the lineup to different lines and has some untapped potential." [Newsday]
  • If you want to see all 1000-plus LHH comments during a trade deadline that lulled many to sleep, be my guest. [LHH]
  • From January but Prince was unappreciated in Ottawa for some reason. [Silver Seven]
  • The Isles/Sound Tigers also made a trade, shipping Taylor Beck out for former NHLer Marc-Andre Cliche. [Soundin' Off | CT Post]
  • We saluted Lubomir Visnovsky upon his retirement the other day. Our friends at Anaheim Calling remember his time there. [Anaheim Calling]
  • It was a six-point weekend for Mathew Barzal's Thunderbirds. [ESPN Seattle]
  • Read about him and other young pups Snow wasn't about to trade in the prospect report. [Isles]
  • Speaking of which, Lou Lamoriello tried to trade P.A. Parenteau, but Snow wasn't having any of that pricing, and neither was anyone else. So now he'll "help the young guys." [Sportsnet]

Ultimately, this is what it's all about right here:

Beyond Princedom
  • Unlike us with our message board intelligence, agents are usually a step ahead of insiders come trade deadline day. [Sportsnet video]
  • A trade deadline you say? There must be winners and losers declared. That includes you poor saps who took off work. [SB Nation]
  • Here's every trade that happened. [SB Nation]
  • Various GMs explain why their big names were not dealt yesterday. [SB Nation]
  • Tonight's opponent, the Canucks, consummated no sales and their fans aren't too pleased about it. [Nucks Misconduct]
  • Jonathan Drouin wasn't traded, is still suspended, is welcome back, but he's not returning to Tampa Bay. Good times. [TSN]
  • You know, for all the clamoring for massive deals (even though there weren't really any on the table, unless you're into Staal), big deals can sometimes cost ambitious teams. [Guardian]
  • Fun (long) read: The Oral History of AOL Fanhouse. [The Comeback]