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Islanders News: Super Blow(out) 50

14,000 showed up to Barclays for the big game only to find another blowout.

Everybody pile on Kyle.
Everybody pile on Kyle.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good Monday, people. Even if you somehow lost a ton of money yesterday, you still came out a winner thanks to the Islanders once-in-a-generation seven-goal margin of victory over the Oilers.

Islanders Reads
  • Massacre Recaps: LHH | Newsday | IslesNHL | Daily News | Post | Edm. Journal | Oilers Nation | Cult of Hockey
  • Matt Martin responds to the Edmonton Kassian-foolery (though not the way I'd like, which is to start taking Grybian crosschecks and Kassian-knees at McDavid and Hall, to make it properly reciprocal). [Newsday]
  • Also in that same Newsday piece: Capuano no how dialed in Greiss always is, and Greiss on how boring blowouts can be.
  • The Post had some on those topics plus Johnny Boychuk's impact on the team.
  • This shouldn't really be in the "Islanders Reads" section, as the Times took a totally Times-ian take on the game by ignoring the Islanders and doing a "oh, McDavid finally visits New York" piece.
  • Isles history on Super Bowl Sunday. [Hornick's Skinny]
  • John Tavares talks about what Connor McDavid is going through (minus the Oilers misery part) [Isles]
  • Q&A with "the new Bobrovsky" Ilya Sorokin, who says the Islanders aren't yet on his radar as he remains focused on his KHL team. [THW]
  • John Persson gets his first call to the national team. [Farjestadbk]
  • Jake Bischoff scored for the Gophers but Eamon McAdam won for the Nittany Lions as Penn State hockey won at Minnesota for the first time. [PSU]

The best part of Oilers Nation's game preview yesterday:

With Edmonton now 10 points out of the playoffs and coming off an ugly loss to Montreal yesterday, a chance for the entire fanbase to assess Hamonic could be a much-needed distraction from the Oilers’ play.


  • But the Oilers could totally make the playoffs, the writer said while insisting it's not clickbait. [THN]
  • The story of Amanda Kessel's return to college hockey after it looked like a concussion had ended it. [Times | SBN College Hockey]
  • The Flyers were ahead of the Capitals but they lost too, due to...Matt Niskanen going coast-to-coast? [BSH]
  • The Wideman suspension decision creates all sorts of ... issues. [Post]