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Video: Sportsnet looks at the Islanders dynasty and its place in NHL history

This never gets old.

Today is Hockey Day in Canada (feel free to enter your own "I thought everyday in Canada was Hockey Day in Canada" joke here), and Sportsnet has posted the above video celebrating the Islanders dynasty and talking with a few of the principle players.

Bob Nystrom, Clark Gillies, Bryan Trottier and Mike Bossy all appear, as do Doc Emrick and Glen Sather, who expresses his own gratitude to the team that he says (and many others say) taught his Oilers teams what it took to win. Legendary broadcaster Dick Irvin provides the narration.

Of particular interest is section on whether or not the team gets their proper due up north, where Canadians prefer to put the Edmonton and Montreal dynasties ahead of them. It's clearly been a sore spot with Bossy and company for a long time. I defy you to hear Clark Gillies say, "I get a little annoyed..." and not want to immediately hide in a corner somewhere. Dude still brings the fear with him.

We've done as much mythologizing and venerating of the dynasty as anyone, and for good reason. Although we should focus on the Islanders' present and future, we must always cherish these men and their amazing, almost unbelievable accomplishments. We'll most likely never see anything like them again. And they happened to our team.