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All Star Game MVP John Scott zings Mike Milbury, gains even more fans from Islanders country

Zing! Again!

Look, I'll call Sandler's people but I can't make any promises, Jim.
Look, I'll call Sandler's people but I can't make any promises, Jim.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Large human John Scott opened a lot of eyes in his odyssey from feared enforcer to All Star Game MVP last month. He'll surely gain even more fans after hitting back (figuratively) at someone who's taken more than a few shots at him.

Before Sunday's game kicked off, Mike Milbury of NBCSN (for now, anyway) was audibly upset at Scott's inclusion at the game, and when "analyzing" the forward lines for the Pacific Division, the former Islanders GM called Scott's line with Corey Perry and Daniel Sedin, the "Donut Line, with the hole in the middle." (via Reddit). Milbury also said that Scott's job in the game was to "take short shifts."

But one thing we learned about Scott is that he was very aware of what was being said about him being in Nashville that weekend. And just as he dunked on Jeremy Roenick, another clueless, humorless ex-jock blowhard employed by NBC, Scott took some time to get a shot in at Milbury.

In an interview with NBC's Liam McHugh (who does not appear to be a clueless, humorless ex-jock blowhard), Scott was asked about the movie possibilities that have been floating around about his story. When asked who he thought should be cast as him, Scott replied, "Mike Milbury, I guess. That'd be perfect" then later added that Milbury would "have to lose some weight."

(skip to 4:16 for the line)

Scott's not the first person to spend some of NBC's own air time zinging their lead NHL analyst. His jab at Milbury's girth wasn't as cutting as Bob McKenzie's about the Islanders regretting ever hiring him, but it shows good hustle nonetheless.

And maybe Scott's on to something. In his playing days, Milbury was known more for throwing hands than scoring points. Both men have played in exactly one NHL All Star game. And when he coached, Milbury famously added another noted fighter in Chris Nilan to an All Star team. (No, Nilan wasn't a John Scott type. And, no, he didn't end up playing in the game. But to pretend like Scott is the first fish out of water at an NHL All Star game is preposterous nonsense for clueless, humorless ex-jock blowhards only).

If Milbury is unwilling or unavailable to play Scott in a movie version of his life, then the focus naturally turns to Liev Schreiber. And maybe the producers can get Tommy Lee Jones or Russell Crowe to play Milbury.