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Trade Deadline Open Thread: Who's going, who's staying and who's ruined everything

Let's do this.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Here's your open thread for all of today's Trade Deadline chatter. You can stream Sportsnet's Hockey Central Trade Deadline Live right here or follow along at (which might be region blocked but maybe not). Both kick off at 8 am and run until 6 pm.

Also, the SBN Trade Tracker is here to help you catch up on the flurry of activity... that happened over the weekend.

The Islanders look like they're most likely to make depth moves, but things can change. The deadline is 3 pm Eastern, or noon Vancouver time, where the Islanders are right now.

No matter what happens, please be respectful to your fellow posters and have fun. Maybe try to eat or take a walk outside at some point.