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P.A. Parenteau Trade Rumors: Islanders going 'back and forth' with Toronto Maple Leafs

The former Islanders winger is in the team's sights again, but at a price.

"Take me back, take me back."
"Take me back, take me back."
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

In terms of adding a contributing forward at the NHL trade deadline, if the asking price for Mikkel Boedker is too high for the New York Islanders, the price for P.A. Parenteau should be just right.

Should be.

But the Toronto Maple Leafs have had good success extracting max value from expiring assets during their late-season tank and selloff, so they are reportedly asking more than the Islanders are willing to give for a winger they know all too well.

Is There Anything There?

The Islanders don't have a second round pick this summer -- check here for a list of assets in their wallet -- but the Leafs are not exactly in a need-it-now mode. They've collected a ton of picks for this summer already, and their full-on tank is about building a lasting machine a few years down the line.

Meanwhile, the Islanders know Parenteau well and vice versa, he's good on the power play, he would add the kind of depth they're looking for and with little worry about a chemistry/learning curve.

Should They Dare?

Since being allowed to walk as an unrestricted free agent by the Islanders in summer 2012, Parenteau's career has played out as was foreshadowed by the Islanders' reluctance to offer him a long-term UFA-level deal: Great production in the first season of the four-year deal (the only time his production rate matched his 67-point walk year from the Isles), which tapered in year two, led to a trade by year three and a buyout before year four.

(It's worth noting this is also exactly why Parenteau, who was late to receiving the real NHL opportunity the Isles provided him, was right to hold firm in his contract demands, waiting for a windfall during the only point in his career he was likely to command one.)

On July 1 the Leafs signed Parenteau to a one-year, $1.5 million deal for exactly this scenario: He could rebuild his career and trade value, and the Leafs could cash in at the trade deadline.

So anyway, Parenteau has done that, scoring 16 goals in 60 games and generally setting himself up to probably not require a "training camp invite" to find work next fall. But that kind of stuff is not second-round-pick material, especially considering Parenteau's stated interest in returning to Toronto (though wait...we've heard that in PAP's walk year before).

Lou Lamoriello has a Jedi mind trick ability to lead many a GM to the dark side, so it's possible he sticks to this reported price for Parenteau. (And you know damned well the only reason this price is out there from Lou's equally tight ship is to drum up interest and bids from elsewhere.)

If he does, the Isles shouldn't budge. Parenteau would be a welcome addition, but they can afford to stick to their bid and wait to see if this is the only remaining option come Monday.