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Islanders at the trade deadline: Quiet as the storm picks up steam, but still nothing Drouin

It's the most craziest time... of the year.

No, seriously, he's probably not getting traded.
No, seriously, he's probably not getting traded.
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

With about 48 hours left before Monday's 3 pm NHL trade deadline, the Islanders remain silent for the time being and unlikely to trade their first round pick in this year's draft, according to Newsday's Arthur Staple.

Staple sent that Tweet last night, and since then a few deals have been concluded: Anders Nilsson is now a St. Louis Blue and, just now, James Reimer was sent from Toronto to San Jose for Alex Stalock, Ben Smith and a conditional fourth round pick. Also this morning, the Capitals put center Brooks Laich on waivers and announced defenseman John Carlsson will miss about four weeks after surgery, so they might have something cooking (and if you're wondering about Laich, er, don't).

Quick Update on Jiri Hudler:

In our breakdown of what the Islanders could part with this deadline, their first rounder was mentioned as possibly being expendable given the four first round picks Garth Snow has used in the last two drafts. It's possible that none of this year's rental players are worth that price in Snow's eyes (and I think I agree). The Islanders do have all of their 2017 and 2018 picks in their pocket for use on some second- or third-tier rentals this year, though.

Wut R U Drouin?

One name still out there is Jonathan Drouin, whom the Lightning haven't yet dealt but whom Steve Yzerman would reportedly like to rid himself of as soon as possible.

TSN's Bob McKenzie checked in this morning with a couple of tweets about Drouin, and one mentioned the Islanders as a team having some level of interest in the player. Please bear in mind that while McKenzie is above reproach, the Tweets are pretty vague and include basically every team in the NHL looking at Drouin except for the Lightning, Capitals and Oilers (for some reason).

So, what might be the hold up? Oh, yeah, this... this might be the issue.

That doesn't sound like the kind of price Snow would be willing to pay for a guy who's sitting at home waiting for a new workplace.

And finally

Remember everyone, this is a crazy time of year and no matter how exciting it gets, it pays to take a deep breath and think a minute. That also means not following, posting or RTing phony trades from impostor accounts and taking a critical eye to every rumor that floats to the surface. In other words: Stay Woke.