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Twitter Q&A with Arthur Staple: Deadline dreaming and medical musing

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The Islanders have lots of things in the air right now, including their beat writer.

Family reunion?
Family reunion?
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Newsday's Arthur Staple embarked on a flight to Minnesota today, and took some questions on Twitter from Islanders fans. Main topics included, the most likely deals the Islanders could make at the trade deadline, the injury status of Calvin de Haan and Adam Pelech and the general mental health of lots of people.

Here's a selection of questions and responses, and the whole thread (or, ya know, most of it) can be found here. As always we thank Arthur for his time and wish him godspeed and good tunes as he follows the Islanders on their big Western Canada road trip.

Trade Deadline Stuff

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Injury Inquiries

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Psych Eval

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General Inquiries