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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 12 - The Allan Rourke Fan Club

A representative from the head office stops in to check out the operation.

In this episode, Mike and Dan are joined by the show's very first guest - Lighthouse Hockey founder Dominik - and the three discuss the Islanders' productive week, their upcoming Western Canadian road trip and their sad, sad power play. They also look at the trade deadline and some players that could, or should not, be targets for the Islanders.

Update: Roman Polak, a player we talk about as being rumored to possibly be acquired by the Islanders, was traded by Toronto to San Jose this morning along with Nick Spaling for two second round picks. Please listen to Dom's analysis of Polak and be glad he's gone elsewhere.

Here's the recap of the game Mike talks about in this episode. Probably not the NHL moment Allan Rourke wants to remember. Sadly, there's no video because television didn't exist in 2006.

Thanks again to whoever left a five star review without writing anything. I hear that's how ninjas use iTunes, too.

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