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Do we really have to talk about this New York Post Barclays Center story?


wow yeah so terrible where is everyone oh there they are
wow yeah so terrible where is everyone oh there they are
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Tonight, about 30 seconds after the Islanders beat the Devils 1-0 in the Newark, the New York Post published a story entitled, "Islanders, Barclays eye escape clause to get team out of Brooklyn."

Here's the link, but don't bother to click it. Here's the big idea via one of the article's "sources:"

Under the lease deal, the Islanders agreed to relinquish control of the business side of operations to get out of the red - a rare setup for any pro sports franchise. Barclays Center agreed to pay the Islanders an average lump sum of $53.5 million annually with the arena making its money off ticket and suite sales, sponsorships and other promotions, sources said.

"The Islander deal was forced from the start because the club was hemorrhaging so much money playing on Long Island ... and had to bail," another source said. "Now you're left with this weird situation where Barclays' folks pay the Islanders to play there -€” but aren't getting the bang for the buck they desired, not to mention all the crap they're getting from Islander fans who are finding every little fault they can with being in Brooklyn.

"On the Islanders' end, they might be better off financially than at Nassau Coliseum. But under the current deal, I think they realize they'll never be able to have the type of revenue coming in to compete with other big-market teams to sign top players."

The article also mentions the possibilities that incoming owner Jon Ledecky could seek to build a new arena at Willets Point in Queens or back in Nassau County. Sure. Please take a moment to double over with laughter before continuing.

Barclays CEO Brett Yormark was quoted saying the arena is enjoying its first year of NHL hockey and looking towards, "a long future and partnership with the Islanders."

The authors of the piece are Rich Calder and Josh Kosman. Kosman's name might sound familiar. Last June, he wrote this:

The NHL is arranging the sale of the Arizona Coyotes to billionaire William Foley, who will move the team to Las Vegas, giving it its first major professional franchise, one source said.

"Las Vegas has reached 10,000 season ticket deposits," enough to justify a franchise, the other source said.

Foley said in January that he needed 10,000 ticket deposits to get an NHL team.

Foley will move them for the 2016-17 season, the source said. The Post last year was the first to report Foley was backing a Vegas franchise.

And in June of 2012, he wrote this.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is preparing to take control of the money-losing hockey franchise in the event Vanderbeek fails to refinance the Devils' debt before a looming Aug. 14 deadline, The Post has learned.

In recent days, the commissioner's office has told potential suitors to be ready in case he moves on the team and pushes Vanderbeek aside, a source close to the situation said.

Neither of the above scenarios came to pass.

My analysis: the Islanders didn't make a dime in 43 years in Nassau County. Now they make $50 million a year. Barclays needs dates to fill no matter how much "crap" they take on social media. And we know better than to expect anyone to bend over backwards to build the Islanders an arena anywhere in New York.

By way of comparison, if Mikhail Prokhorov is spending $47.5 million on Nets players Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez combined, paying the entire Islanders organization $53 million is a steal.

In October, I wrote this:

That seat you might have at Barclays Center this season may not be perfect. You might see 95 percent of the ice and pay twice as much for the privilege of sitting there.

But that's still your team out there. It's playing a manageable distance away. And it's wealthier and better stocked with talent than it has been in 35 years.

So remember that when your Twitter timeline or Facebook feed is filled with pictures of obstructed seats or the visiting media are taking their shots or your friends and neighbors are swearing up and down to never set foot in that corporate shithole for as long as they live.

As far as Plan B's go, the Islanders made out alright.

Are we done here? Good. The Islanders' next game is Tuesday in Minnesota.