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Snowed Out Islanders-Flyers game rescheduled for April 10 at Barclays Center

Okay, everyone go home. No, not you two.

One of these dogs is named Ziggy.
One of these dogs is named Ziggy.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Islanders have announced that their game against Philadelphia, originally scheduled for January 23rd but postponed due to snow, will be played on Sunday, April 10th at Barclays Center at 7 pm.

The team's regular season was slated to end the night before with a game against Buffalo. Instead, the rescheduled game against the Flyers extends their season one more day and replaces the back-to-back the original game was supposed to be part of. Hey, at least they're in Brooklyn for both games and not flying back from Ottawa in between.

Back in January, winter storm Jonas dumped a foot or more of snow on parts of New York and New Jersey, forcing the team to cancel the game. While they couldn't get on the ice, the Islanders at least kept themselves busy by helping stranded travelers and battling ancient snow removal technology.

This makes the Islanders' already packed end-of-season schedule one day less packed, which doesn't seem nice at all.

The Islanders aren't the only ones getting an extra game; the Ducks and Capitals also had to cancel a game due to Jonas, and it will now be played on April 10th as well.