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Exclusive! Brock Nelson finally opens up about the infamous 'Reverend' draft photo.

Okay, it's not really an exclusive. Or infamous. But it is a photo of Brock Nelson. In which he looks like a reverend.

Praise be to Brock!
Praise be to Brock!
Harry How/Getty Images

We here at Lighthouse Hockey have been fans of Brock Nelson for a long time. We followed his progress closely from the 2010 Draft to North Dakota to Bridgeport and finally to the Islanders, where he currently leads the team with 21 goals.

But there's one thing we as a collective have never been able to figure out: what's the deal with that draft picture, the one in which Nelson looks like he's about to perform a baptism or lead a gospel choir? Because of it, we've kinda unofficially been calling Nelson "The Reverend" for six years.

Well, thanks to our own intrepid seeker of insight Keith Quinn and the team's call for questions on Twitter via the hashtag #IslesOnMSG, we finally have an answer. (Spoiler: blame the photographer).

So, there you have it. Good job, Keith and kudos to Brock for facing the tens of fans dying to know the story.

Now, if anyone can track down another Islanders 2010 pick, third rounder Kirill Kabanov, who's currently injured for Salavat Yulaev of the KHL, and ask him about the legendary suite of amazing pictures he took at that draft, we'd be all set.