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Islanders News: Bah gawd, Kings! That's the Islanders' music!

That's the best headline I could think of. Gimme a break.

Nice shot, JB.
Nice shot, JB.
Al Bello/Getty Images

Saturday night in Raleigh, the Islanders play the Hurricanes in a game much bigger than any of us would have expected before the season.

Islanders stuff

  • Recaps: LHH | Newsday | NY Daily News | Islanders | NHL.comNYI Skinny | JFTC
  • Chemistry is going to be an important class for the Islanders this semester. [IPB]
  • Stephon Williams is back in Bridgeport and Parker Milner heads down to Missouri. [BST]
  • Taylor Cammarata has a new linemate and a mandate to score goals. [MN Daily]
  • Speaking of linemates, Kirill Petrov is still in Russia and playing with former Senators phenom-that-never-was Stephane Da Costa. [Orleans Star]
  • The Islanders' President's Day Cup Tournament is this weekend at Northwell Health Ice Center.
  • Puck Talks Live Islanders is BACK! Monday, March 28th again at The Rock Shop in Brooklyn. This time, we'll be joined by Steve Webb, who probably has a few stories to share. Tickets are available here. The last one was amazing, so don't miss this.
  • Ira Podell is a name some of you might recognize from his countless bylines on AP hockey stories over more than a decade on the job, covering the Islanders and Rangers as well as special events around the league. When I worked at the AP, Ira was one of the friendliest and most generous guys in the room, especially to the "lowly" agate guys like me. He's going through a very, very rough time right now and can use your help. Please visit his GoFundMe page to learn more about his condition and contribute what you can.
  • Whatever story is being told here, it's probably great. Also great is this legendary selfie.

World Cup of Boggs

Other Stuff

  • This is the face you see in your nightmares. [SBN]
  • Patrice Bergeron versus Blake Wheeler. No, not on a face-off. In a fight. Yep. [SCoC]
  • The SBN Blog Council convenes to talk Sidney Crosby and dream trades. [SBN]
  • Oh, were you expecting Christian Ehrhoff to be picked up on waivers? You must be new here. [JFTC]
  • Kris Russell is many things. Defensive stalwart is not among them. []
  • That throat slash move we saw all day yesterday will cost Nazim Kadri $5K. [PPP]
  • Have you seen the new and improved It is new but far from improved. [SBN]
  • An interview with Andrew W.K. about music and the Penguins using "Party Hard" as their goal song. [Sporting News]
  • The 2017 NHL Draft will take place in Chicago. Nice to see a small, under-served market get a big event like that. [SCH]

Nice, easy win, eh, coach? Uh, Jack?