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Islanders News: How great, is our (Danish) god

Well, he's not ours anymore, but *sniffles* (bonus points if you get the reference)

"Come to Papa."
"Come to Papa."
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning folks. Ol' Frans Nielsen got the best of us last night. As did Mike Green. We couldn't win forever, that's for sure.

Scriptures of Islanderdom

Psalms from the Sound

  • From the way Michael Fornabaio describes it, the Sound Tigers played a reasonably under-inspired game in their loss to Lehigh Valley. [Soundin' Off | CT Post]
  • Someone named Robert Hagg (so you just know this next part is going to be shitty) plastered my beautiful boy Joshua Ho-Sang in the third period and he would not return, but Coach Thompson seemed to think he would be okay. (From either of Lehigh Valley game links).
  • Ho-Sang got into character and plenty more from 'Star Wars' weekend for Bridgeport. [TSN]

League Verses (or lack thereof)

Christmas Cheer

The Isles are at Toys 'R' Us today, doing their annual Christmas shopping bonanza. Add their snapchat if you want to see more.