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Islanders News: Washington surprise; Ho-Sang state of mind; Barzal and Tavares

Ladd it all the way.

Yup. This guy.
Yup. This guy.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah. You totally expected that win. Right.

The Islanders are back at it Thursday night in St. Paul to face a Wild team that’s won 142 games in a row. That’s the league’s second longest active streak behind the Blue Jacket 382 straight victories.

Islanders news

World Junior

  • Another win for Canada and another standout performance by Mathew Barzal. They blew out Slovakia 5-zip and he made a couple of defenders look silly. [SportsnetSNET NotesLHH]
  • Barzal is both talented and focused, kind of like John Tavares. Let's hope they play together for a long, long time. [Sportsnet]
  • Remembering when the World Juniors turned into Thunderdome. []

Other stuff

  • Ryan O'Reilly will miss a bunch of time after having his appendix removed. That will not make the Sabres happy. [DBTB]
  • Seriously, though. Are the Wild and Blue Jackets for real? One might be. The other... []
  • Canes Country grades Carolina goalies for the first half.
  • How a goalie reacts to a goal says a lot about him. And it's usually hilarious. [Down Goes Brown]

Here are The Maven and The Commish enjoying a little toy time.