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Islanders News: Holly Gionta Christmas; Hometown Hockey's JT Series; Macchio on the mic

Presented by Pizza Hut by Sunglasses Hut by Dr Scholls.

Jersey Guy vs Carp Lad
Jersey Guy vs Carp Lad
Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Nope. No game today. Tomorrow night. Tonight's a good time to get some late Christmas shopping done.

Islanders news

  • Stephen (Not Brian) Gionta, a name you heard over the summer then forgot about, is back on a two-way deal. Pray for John Tavares' health and Anthony Beauvillier's playing time. [LHH]
  • The players say the right things about being positive and working their way back into the playoff picture after a disastrous start. I wouldn't expect anything else. []
  • One guy who's doing his part right now is Anders Lee. [Newsday]
  • Ralph Macchio calls into the Point Blank podcast to talk about his bobblehead night and his Islanders fandom. It's a really fun, enjoyable conversation with a dedicated, knowledgeable fan. Who just happens to be Ralph Macchio.
  • Also at IPB, Brian and Andy debate the action and inaction of team ownership to this point.
  • Three exceptional JTs in two unembeddable videos (thanks for nothing, Rogers). In the first, John Tavares talks about the influence his uncle John Tavares has had on him. I never get tired of these. [Hometown Hockey. Also, WTF is "Presented by Giuseppe Pizzaria by Dr Oetker" even supposed to mean?]
  • And in the second video, the Islanders' original JT John Tonelli talks about growing up in Milton, Ontario. [Hometown Hockey]


  • Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts dedicate a few of them to the Leafs trading James van Riemsdyk at a high cost.
  • Goalies! Ben Bishop will miss a month with a lower body injury [Raw Charge] and Jimmy Howard is on injured reserve [WIIM]. Both got hurt in the same game, too.
  • Bishop is just the latest Lightning to end up on the injured list. [Raw Charge]
  • Artemi "The Breadman" Panarin is sawing through the league on the power play like a long, serrated knife. [Sportsnet]
  • The Capitals surprise a hockey player from Abu Dhabi and remind everybody that Hockey is for Everyone. [CSI MA]

Okay, all joking aside: I love watching the Islanders deliver toys to kids in hospitals. Great job. More video at Newsday, too.