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Islanders News: You can't Tuukka out of anything; Journey of the Seidenberg

You got a little Greiss on you.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Well that was... hey, they won.

Last game before Christmas is Friday versus Buffalo, a.k.a. Ralph Macchio Appreciation Night. Tickets still available.

Islanders stuff

  • Recaps: LHHNewsday | NHL.comNYI Skinny | SCOC
  • Man, that first Anders Lee goal was something else. Not a good look for Tuukka Rask. [SCOC]
  • But at least he had a good sense of humor about having one of those nights.

  • The Bruins welcomed back Dennis Seidenberg, who has fond memories of Boston. [NewsdayWEEI | CSNNE]
  • Macchio talks about his bobblehead figure with Fox5 [video]. And tune into the Point Blank podcast today, where he'll be the guest.
  • You know who knows a thing or two about running a hockey team in Las Vegas? Former Las Vegas Thunder coach Butch Goring. [Review Journal]

Other stuff

  • Last night's NHL scores. Make that 10 in a row for the Blue Jackets now. The Islanders didn't seem to get the Metro Memo that ten-game winning streaks were available for the taking.
  • Jaromir Jagr is now tied with Mark Messier for second on the NHL's all time points list. He's going to play until he's 70. []
  • How the Grinch stole the Avalanche's offense. Mile High Hockey asks whether it was old Grinch Patrick Roy or new Grinch Jared Bednar.
  • Is Alex Ovechkin slowing down? Until I stop having panic attacks when I see him on the power play, I'm gonna go ahead and guess no. [Japers]
  • So, like, what does an NHL analytics expert do? [E$PN IN$IDER$ ONLY]
  • Celebrating old ass rookies like Minnesota's Pat Cannone. [The Hockey News]
  • Celebrating great goalies who played on some terrible teams. Why yes, Dominik Hasek is on there. [Puck Daddy]
  • What can the Atlanta Flames teach the Golden Knights about igniting some expansion success. [Sportsnet]
  • It's that time again for everyone's favorite totally random but still somewhat notable European hockey tournament, the (Egon) Spengler Cup! This year's Team Canada roster features one-time Islander Mark Flood. Print is dead. [Hockey Canada]

Young Anthony is growing up right before our eyes. But, bro, that "mustache" has to go.