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Raw is Bossy: Islanders legend left a f#%&ing impression on young Chris Jericho

The legends of The Boss and Y2J converge over the F-Bomb

The Ayatollah of Motherfu--

Mike Bossy influenced many during his amazing Islanders career, but the mark he made on one famous hockey fan is a little unique.

In a short video tweeted by Sportsnet this afternoon, wrestling champion /musician/actor/podcaster/all-round entertainment machine Chris Jericho talks about a moment in time in which the Hall of Famer inadvertently awakened his young, impressionable mind to a universe of profanity.

I like Chris Jericho and I don’t want to sound like I’m calling him a jabroni (that’s another guy’s job), but his dad was Ted Irvine, a pretty successful NHLer in his own right. Chances are, young Chris probably also heard the F-Bomb used around Ted a few times, especially during some of the most nasty games (and from some of the most nasty people) at Madison Square Garden when he played for the Rangers.

Perhaps Jericho can take in a game at Barclays Center soon and talk to Bossy in person about that magical moment all those decades ago. He can even bring new hockey fan and fellow champ Daniel Bryan to lead some chants.