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NHL Network’s Top 30 Sweaters of All-Time list will remind you of a time when Islanders jerseys had pride

Ha! That THAT, 1981-1995 Bruins!


Look, I know no one really wants to read this kind of fluffery right now, what with the team’s season circling the toilet and all.

But the hard-working folks at NHL Network went to all the trouble of ranking jerseys (or sweaters, for some) throughout the league’s history and the Islanders came in pretty high. Eighth, to be exact. That’s ahead of half of the “Original Six” and more than a few all-time greats.

They even made a nice video and everything. It’s right there at the top of the page. It’s sure to make you swell up with blue and orange pride and remember a time when you didn’t have to explain to anyone - in detail so great you hope they forget why they asked in the first place and then never ask you again - why you’re an Islanders fan.

And here’s the full list. Tabarnac! Nordiques ahead of Les Habitants? Are we sure this list isn’t some stealth focus group for a potential Quebec City expansion team?

NHL Network’s Top 30 Sweaters of All-Time, 1-30:

  1. Quebec Nordiques – 1991-1995
  2. Minnesota North Stars – 1981-1988
  3. Montreal Canadiens – 1984-1997
  4. Hartford Whalers – 1985-1989
  5. San Jose Sharks – 1991-1997
  6. Chicago Blackhawks – 1973-1977
  7. New York Rangers – 1970-1976
  8. New York Islanders – 1978-1984
  9. Edmonton Oilers – 1981-1994
  10. Los Angeles Kings – 1988-1991
  11. Pittsburgh Penguins – 1988-1992
  12. Boston Bruins – 1981-1995
  13. Detroit Red Wings – 1961-1972
  14. Toronto Maple Leafs – 1963-1967
  15. Kansas City Scouts – 1974-1975
  16. New Jersey Devils – 1992-2007
  17. Philadelphia Flyers – 1984-1997
  18. Buffalo Sabres – 1970-1977
  19. Los Angeles Kings – 1967-1977
  20. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim – 1993-1996
  21. California Golden Seals – 1974-1976
  22. Vancouver Canucks – 1992-1995
  23. Colorado Rockies – 1976-1977
  24. Phoenix Coyotes – 1996-1998
  25. Chicago Blackhawks (Alternate) – 1996-1999
  26. Dallas Stars – 1993-1994
  27. Winnipeg Jets – 1980-1990
  28. Calgary Flames – 1981-1994
  29. Montreal Canadiens – 1941-1944
  30. Montreal Maroons – 1925-1929

It’s also great that the North Stars and Whalers, two teams that couldn’t win their division most years, have the second and fourth best jerseys of all time, apparently. And be sure to stop by the NHL Powered By Reebok Store today to pick up your officially licensed Whalers and North Stars gear in time for Christmas.

So, yeah, the current team might be not so great and their outlook might be murky and their confidence level might generally waver between non-existent and please-get-me-out-of-here most nights, but it’s still fun to remember when they both looked and played pretty well.

Because this is the Islanders, I expect NHL Network’s Top 30 Worst Jerseys list to be published any day now. Small chance they’d be on that list, too.