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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 25 - Smartest Guy In The Room Syndrome

“Nothing But The Best is Enough” or “Run To The Hills?”

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Islanders Anxiety Art

Mike and Dan are finally joined by Brian Compton of and the Islanders Point Blank podcast to examine the fragile state of the Islanders locker room right now. They also ask where it all went wrong, talk about the NHL season passing the Islanders by and brainstorm Latin phrases the team could put on an English Football-style crest.

Thanks again to Brian for coming on and offering his insight. Glad we managed to get Skype to settle down long enough.

And thanks to Bigal780 for his iTunes review, that we got to a month late. And, I’m sorry, but the art is staying.

Theme Song: "Sports" by Josh Spacek, available at the

Additional Music, special for KISS Army Officer Brian's guest appearance: "Detroit Rock City (KISS chiptune cover)" by therunawayfive, available at Soundcloud and YouTube.

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