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Islanders Gameday News: Oh, we get to play now, too? Gee, thanks.

Duck tales, woo hoo.

Hey, they won this one.
Hey, they won this one.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

While the rest of the league was racking up wins, the Islanders had three long days off after Friday’s OT loss to Pittsburgh. They probably spent it practicing shot blocking or grimacing at each other.

Anyway, they’re back on the ice tonight at 10:00 Eastern Time, taking on the Ducks in Anaheim. They’re good, despite the presence of Randy Carlyle.

FIG picks can go here.

It’s gonna be a long day. Read these.

Islanders links

  • You know who hasn't been that good lately? Jaroslav Halak (not that this season is his fault. Far from it). [Newsday]
  • The NHL released its rules for All Star game voting and wouldn't you know it, Jean-Francois Berube is totally eligible despite having not played a minute this season. VOTE J-F!
  • The team's prospect report focuses on Collin Adams, one of the top scorers in the USHL.
  • Islanders rejoice at the end of the preseason games and are ready to play games that matter. Or whatever makes you sleep at night. [Zeitgeist]
  • Torgo is working on a version of the Islanders that are actually good and he needs your help. [FanPost]

Other tales

  • Weird couple of days for Ottawa, who first had goalie Andrew Hammond clear waivers, then lost former first round forward Matt Puempel to the Rangers off waivers. [SSS]
  • More about Craig Cunningham, the AHL player who collapsed in a game on Saturday night. []
  • Dallas hasn't been the same high-flying team they were last season and it's not just the goalies or the injuries. [Sportsnet]
  • The Stars also scratched top defenseman John Klingberg last night because he missed a team meeting. [DBD]
  • Something fishy is going on with Maple Leafs prospect Josh Leivo, who's too injured for the NHL but perfectly fine for the AHL. [PPP]
  • Who's looking like an expansion team goner? A bunch of veteran dudes. []
  • Reminder that we finally find out what this stupid team is gonna be called later today. Prepare your loins accordingly.
  • The league and EPIX are teaming up for another Road to the Outdoor Classics series. []
  • Pat from the Mothership runs down some other off-beat All Star Game candidates. None are as cool as J-F.
  • Being a back-up goalie is a tough gig, man. []
  • The Stars and Oilers got into a little Twitter beef last night. Reminds me of their great playoff battles in the late 1990's, except much shorter and less brutal. [SBN]
  • No, the Flyers aren't trading Shane Gostisbehere. Don't be an idiot. [BSH]