Khan predicts the 2016-2017 season

remember this all happened hundreds of years ago...

the 2016-2017 season for the ny islanders

  1. islanders win some games
  2. islanders lose some games
  3. islander fans bitch and moan about wins
  4. islander fans whine and cry about losses
  5. attendance is low at the beginning of the season
  6. islander fans complain about the attendence
  7. attendance builds by the end
  8. fans complain about the building
  9. fans complain about the schedule and some randomly long road trip
  10. speculation about moving into a new building that never will be built
  11. the all star break is boring
  12. complaints about Garth not doing anything or doing too much
  13. one player will be the target of all the fan-angst
  14. kirk will do something moronic
  15. anger over goal-tending
  16. disdain over defense
  17. seething over forwards
  18. love for tavares
  19. injuries will happen
  20. we make the playoffs with around 100 points like a ton of other teams
  21. the playoffs will be crazy exciting
  22. once we are eliminated no one will really care
  23. summer 2017 will break records for high temperatures as your planet warms up
  24. see you next season


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