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Kevin James in ‘Paul Blart 3: Barclays Center Security’

[cues unruly laugh track]

King of Brooklyn?

I’m sorry for the misleading title but I felt that, “Kevin James wears Islanders shirt on his new TV show” sounded a little desperate.

So, anyway, Kevin James wears an Islanders shirt on his new TV show. In a quick Kevin Can Wait blooper reel posted this morning to Twitter, James shows off his blue-and-orange pride. Watchers of Adult Swim’s Children’s Hospital will recognize Erinn Hayes, who plays James’ wife on the show.

(s/t to Tony Stabile of Islanders Insight and Hockey Night NY for RTing this earlier this morning).

James’ Islanders fandom previously came up during a Q&A for his 2011 film Zoo Keeper, in which he played a Mossad agent who infiltrates a zoo dressed like a giraffe in order to spy on human traffickers in a nearby high-rise office building (or not). In an old video, James described himself as a “Crazy Islanders Fan” and said the team desperately needed a new Nassau Coliseum. Er, sorry, Kev.

Anyway, if you watch Kevin Can Wait, keep an eye out for this and any other Islanders easter eggs. I’ll admit to watching my share of The King of Queens, but these days the only CBS comedy I still watch is New York Jets Football.