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Karate Come From Here: Islanders Ralph Macchio bobblehead night is December 23rd vs. Buffalo

Sweep the leg head!

Daniel LaRusso is gonna fight!

The Islanders will honor actor Ralph Macchio with a bobblehead figure giveaway at the December 23rd game against Buffalo at Barclays Center.

Macchio was really the team’s first big time celebrity fan, even repping an jersey in a now infamous hockey card from the early 1990’s. He’s also appeared on Entourage with fellow Islanders fan Kevin Connolly. Macchio announced the bobblehead giveaway on Boomer & Carton this morning on WFAN.

Macchio also announced that his daughter will sing the national anthem at the game against the Sabres.

This is obviously incredibly awesome. And kudos to the 54-year old Macchio for still having a sense of humor about the iconic role he played 32 years ago (seriously? Jesus Christ, I’m old). He could have easily told the Islanders, “Hey, I was in My Cousin Vinny, The Outsiders and Arthur Hiller’s Teachers. Those were pretty good movies, too.”

Instead, the figure depicts Macchio in an Islanders jersey ready to lay a devastating crane kick on hapless William Zabka and win the All Valley Karate Tournament. Miyagi-san would be proud.

Macchio also starred in Karate Kid Part II (which is bad) and Karate Kid Part III (which is also bad but is one of my favorite bad movies of all time. No joke. Thomas Ian Griffith deserved an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Terry Silver, a sensei even more evil than Martin Kove’s evil sensei John Kreese from the first movie).

You can buy tickets to the game right now via the link in the above tweet. Grab some before some douchebag from the Kobra Kai dojo puts them all in a body bag.