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Islanders News: Pulock, Panic, and Pectoral muscles

Could we see a change in the 'D'?

"I'm back!"
"I'm back!"
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

(Ed. Note: Steve, who officially joined our staff a few weeks ago, will be helping out with Bits in the mornings, carrying on the daily tradition of links, jokes, commentary and random weirdness. Or, in the the case of Brent Burns and Shirtless Joe Thornton prowling Pittsburgh, all of the above at the same time.)

The Islanders did not play yesterday and, in some horrendous oversight that will surely result in the replacement of the schedule maker, do not play tonight either. The Rangers did play yesterday, and lost (and Frans Nielsen helped get them there!) We remain ever grateful for his power on this day.

Islanders News:

  • Ryan Pulock has been recalled to the Islanders on an emergency basis. Staple indicates an injury may have occurred to one of the six defensemen who have dressed the first six games. [Newsday/LHH]
  • The always-great Michael Fornabaio details what it means for Pulock to get the call again. [CT Post]
  • Destined for superstardom since he was a toddler, Tavares knows a thing or two about dealing with attention. He is still getting used to this endorsement thing, however. [Newsday]
  • 1-3-0 isn't the start everyone was looking for, but Andy Graziano says now is not the time to panic. Please let me know when it is time to panic - I love chaos. [IPB/SNY]
  • The Wall $treet Journal (paywall) looks at how Virtual Reality is helping the Islanders move tickets. Technology has really been going to extreme lengths to make jokes about the Islanders.
  • Read about one man's quest to secure a Fish Sticks jersey. Surprised we don't see more hipsters rocking the burnt orange and teal.

Less Important News:

  • Technological advancement for this season includes tracking technology (for real this time though!) and tablets. Thankfully Bill Belichick doesn't coach in the NHL.
  • The great General Fanager site went offline, as its creator was hired by George McPhee and the new Las Vegas team. They are probably going to run many expansion draft simulations. No, I'm not worried, why do you ask? (Interesting bit about the Isles in there, as well.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Joe Thornton and Brent Burns were spotted walking yesterday through downtown Pittsburgh. Joe appears to have forgotten something. [Mothership]
  • I was concerned, with this being ESPN and all, that this article would be another Burnside hack job, but Craig Custance does excellent work following Marian Hossa's journey to 500 goals.