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WWE star Daniel Bryan leads Islanders fans in signature “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant at win over Ducks

Not a bad experience for your first hockey game.

Anaheim Ducks v New York Islanders
This guy seems like a geniunely amazing dude.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Islanders fans have been chanting "Yes! Yes! Yes!" after goals for a few years now, with the practice making the trip from Nassau Coliseum to Barclays Center. The chant was started by WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan, who was a fan favorite throughout his long, winding trip to the top of the mountain, and it's been picked up by a few fanbases.

Until tonight, Bryan, who’s currently retired and acts as general manager of WWE’s Smackdown show, had only heard about his signature call taking over Islanders games, but had yet to attend one. In fact, he had never been to any hockey game before at all.

Seems the wait was worth it.

Not only did the Islanders win the game in overtime on Josh Bailey’s spectacular individual effort, but Bryan was basically the guest of honor despite it being the team’s home opener and with half a dozen Islanders legends in the house, including now former play-by-play announcer Howie Rose.

The Islanders announced Bryan’s presence a few hours before the game to considerable social media buzz, and he spent the first intermission talking to Shannon Hogan on MSG Network in his own personalized jersey.

Bryan also got to ride the zamboni, lead the "Yes! Yes! Yes!" chant himself and, oh god, fire a t-shirt gun.

I haven’t been a dedicated wresting fan for a long time, but I know a large part Bryan’s appeal has been his genuine good nature and down-to-earth personality. In other words, he seems like a real good dude who also happens to be a World Wrestling champion.

Seeing him smiling and yelling during the game in his Islanders gear was infectious. Here’s hoping we see him around Barclays Center more this season and in the future.