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Islanders News: Shaggy Season Opener; May the Fourth Line be with you; Sound Tigers start

Time to adjust.

Wasn't his fault.
Wasn't his fault.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The good news is, it was one game. The bad news is... I don't know. Pick a thing.

Islanders news

  • Recaps: LHH | NY Post | NY Daily News has a paragraph you're gonna hate | Islanders | | NYI Skinny | BSB
  • In a disjointed game, the Kulemin-Cizikas-Clutterbuck line looked pretty good. [Newsday]
  • Look, no offense to Neil Best who's great and everything, but can we cool it with the Islanders-Rangers playoff series stuff until at least January? I mean, it's the season opener. April is a long way away. We don't need to do this right now.
  • Winning a playoff round was a huge mental hurdle for the Islanders. Now they get to do it all over again. [Puck Daddy]
  • October is going to be kind of an important month for the Islanders, who have a ton of home games. [LHH | Brendan Burke's blog at]
  • Shannon Hogan is excited for her third season covering the Islanders. [MSG Networks]
  • We are blessed to have Les Beaver and another season of amazing Cappy pre-gamers.
  • The Sound Tigers start their season tonight. Here's their opening night roster, which features many returning vets from last season and a bunch of dudes have new uniform numbers. [Soundin' Off]
  • Eamon McAdam is getting a shot at regular work with the Missouri Mavericks. [Examiner]
  • Also getting good experience is 2016 pick Collin Adams, who's shaken off a slow start in the USHL. [USA Hockey]
  • Over in the WHL, defenseman Parker Wotherspoon has 10 points in his first five games back from Islanders training camp. [Tri-City Herald]
  • The Oyster Bay Oyster Fest is this weekend and an Islanders skating clinic will be part of the kids' activities. [Patch]


  • Last night's NHL scores.
  • No matter what country he plays in, Andrew Shaw remains a pile of garbage. [EOTP]
  • P.A. Parenteau is shocked to be a New Jersey Devil right now. [Fire & Ice]
  • Ya know who played a lot of rookies in their opening game? The Blackhawks, with six. They lost. [Sun Times]
  • Nashville is buzzing - literally shaking with great frequency - about P.K. Subban. []
  • Bruce Boudreau is a real character who's lived an amazing hockey life. [Star Trib]
  • Another of Auston Matthews' amazing powers is getting Leafs games to magically appear on NBCSN. [Puck Daddy]
  • James Mirtle has his list of team heights, weights and ages. And Sean Leahy has the bye weeks for all NHL teams. Make some plans for January 1st through the 5th.
  • readers rank the NHL logos and the Islanders just miss the Top 10.
  • If you're not on Twitter you might not know about the Flyers' #Number1HockeyBoy rankings. Every team should have a weekly #Number1HockeyBoy ranking. But I guess you need to like your team to have one. [BSH]

John Tavares on that Matthew kid that's now the mayor of his hometown.