Report from the English Isles

I figured I might try and write reports from an English fan's perspective following games. Whether they're any good or not I can't guarantee. Expect some sleep deprivation and a few beers to have been consumed and possibly gratuitous spelling mistakes (but color should be spelt colour). If I make a regular thing of this I might remember to take notes during the game, and come up with a better title, but anyway...

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Isles v Rangers. What a way to start the season. A win would've been better, but still.

I may not be as clued up as you yanks about Isles affairs, but I try. I was quite skeptical about how this game would go, following the roster reports out of camp. Some regulars, new veterans and then the somewhat surprise move to put PAP on waivers and inject some young blood, oh, and sending Pulock back down to Bridgeport. But I'm not a hockey GM or coach, so all I can do is sit and wait.

The first period seemed pretty tight, Isles were sloppy in exiting their zone and didn't get much offensive zone time, but held it together for the most part, a late goal by those most hated rivals was a kick in the teeth, and at the hands of Grabner to rub salt in the wound, but plenty of time to play still, so I was optimistic, which is tough for British people. The first line had chances early on, and I was surprised to see Chimera there, but Tavares is used to the revolving door of linemates, and again, what do I know? I feel the Isles were unlucky not to get at least a goal that period, but Lundqvist.

The second for me followed a similar suit, and I didn't take notes so I won't have much more to share, just a frustrating late goal by those bastard Rangers, at the hands of Zucarello and the skate of Strome.

Then the third gave me hope, Leddy and Clutterbuck scoring in quick succession. I was optimistic again, dangerous for an Isles fan, but we all know how it ends. The empty netter sealed the fate really, that and the late penalties by our saviour (don't spell it the American way) Tavares. The goal by Nelson was a thing of beauty though, the kind of play that would've left the scoreline in the Isles favour (yes, I'm English) if we had done it through the entire game.

Still, first game of the season, stings losing to the rangers, but there's still a long way to go yet. Beavellier looked pretty good for his first game. Still can't help but wonder how PAP would've done on the top line.

On to the next, Ovi and the Caps

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