Jack Capuano's Gmail Inbox Pt. III

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Another NHL season is upon us. The New York Islanders, having just won their first playoff series in nearly three centuries, enter this season a different team from last year. Several long-tenured players left via free agency, replaced in part by a couple of promising young rookies, ready to be misused and healthy-scratched like so many before them.

But through all this change and turmoil, one constant remains: head coach Jack Capuano. In an era where head coaches are bla bla bla bla bla whatever. Here, I hacked his Gmail account again a few weeks back, take a look:


Please note: this is not real. I did not actually hack into Jack Capuano's computer or Gmail account. I am stealing borrowing this idea from Down Goes Brown (see here) and Grantland (see here). Previous versions I've done: Jack Capuano (part I and part II) and James Dolan.

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