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Greiss does for Long Island motorists what he's being doing for the Islanders all season

Hey, you need some help?

German Snow Patrol
German Snow Patrol

Were you on the road on Long Island during yesterday's snow storm? Did your car get stuck? Were you helped out of a jam by a kindly young man with a tow rope and a German accent?

If so, that young man might just have been goalie Thomas Greiss, who spent his postponed game time bailing out stuck drivers the way he's bailed out the Islanders this season. Different place, same great performance.

The info and photo comes courtesy of a tweet from Greiss' wife, Brittney.

When the Islanders signed Greiss last summer, they were just hoping to find their first stable back-up goalie in forever. What they got was a veritable second starter who comes with his own roadside assistance plan. Not bad for $1.5 million a year.

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