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The Islanders have some winter weather safety tips for you

When it comes to surviving the elements, knowing is half the battle.

In case you haven't heard, a big huge winter storm is headed towards the East Coast this weekend, with forecasts looking at perhaps a foot of snow across Manhattan and New Jersey. Chances are your local supermarket is already out of milk, eggs and bottled water because that's the way New Yorkers roll when a single snow flake hits the ground.

Fortunately, the Islanders are here with some important safety tips to get you prepared for chilly emergencies, travel and shoveling you might soon have to worry about.

The above video, released through the office of New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and not by me I swear, stars a trio of Islanders walking you through some good winter preparedness rules. And they're not just any Islanders, either: you know that Edmonton native Johnny Boychuk and good Minnesota boys Brock Nelson and Anders Lee have seen a few snowstorms in their days and know all the best ways to survive the cold.

And if you really want to follow Boychuk's lead (and who wouldn't), don't forget to pick yourself up an awesome coat that can not only repel the cold but make you look fly as hell.

If you have tickets to an NHL game this weekend - the Islanders are in Ottawa on Friday, then host the Flyers on Saturday night in Brooklyn - please double check before you leave the house to see if the game has been impacted by the snow.

And remember which team tried to keep you warm and safe (hint: it wasn't the one that resides in the same borough that de Blasio does).