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Zeitgeist Video: John Scott stars in new PBS series 'Downton All Star'

From Masterpiece comes a hybrid tale of intrigue, scandal, controversy, maybe, hockey (we're not sure).

Finally, the harrowing tale of hockey player John Scott's scandalous road to the NHL All Star Game comes to television in a magnificent multi-part mini series produced especially for PBS.

"Downton All Star" tells in the incredible, unbelievable story of a simple man thrust into a battle he never asked for, and the shadow conspiracy working against him. At every turn, Scott faces bigger and more powerful forces keeping him out of the league's marquee event in Nashville. Along the way, he makes new friends and enemies and gets a new perspective on the sport he thought he knew so well.

Starring John Scott as himself, Gary Bettman, Don Maloney, Marc Bergevin, Michelle Dockery, Shirley MacLean and Maggie Smith as the Dowager Commissioner, "Downton All Star" is an emotional, entertaining look into a world so few of us know, and hope we never see again.

"Downton All Star" premieres this January on PBS, CBC, BBC, Epix and in-flight entertainment systems across all major airlines.


Um this is fake. I made it. The music is "January" by Kai Engel, available at the Free Music Archive.