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Islanders News: In Battle of New York, still undefeated on new home turf

I like derby wins and I cannot lie.

Winner winner Brooklyn dinner.
Winner winner Brooklyn dinner.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The New York Islanders pulled off a third-period surge and comeback win with a 3-1 win over their city rivals last night to hop back into second place in the Metro. That feels good. It's a good day to not be Dylan McIlrath, who last night was just totally doing the things the Rangers drafted him 10th overall for.

Victorious Islanders Reads
  • Recaps of the game from: LHH (Brock n Roll, Glass houses, angry Smurfs tot, and Pelech as G.I. Joe action figure) | 3-goal 3rd (Newsday) | A playoff tease? (Post) | Joy (Isles) | Tavares assists (Daily News) | Another great night in this rivalry (Times) | The losers maybe deserved better (Blueshirt Banter) | But no, because big teams make big plays at big times. /Brooks'd
  • Say, that Brock Nelson guy has scored four goals in the last two games at center, where Jack Capuano always believed he belongs. [Newsday]
  • Like it or not, Capuano is the steady hand behind the Isles bench, and the players appreciate his discipline and quest for improvement without torching them. [Times]
  • Isn't there a pop/gossip rag that does a "They're Just Like US?!?!!" feature? Well on the LIRR, the Boss(y) is just like us. Sometimes. [NHL]
  • Speaking of gods, can John Tavares reach 500 goals? [NYIslesblog]
Beyond Victory, Sweet NY Derby Victory
  • Joel Quenneville passed Al Arbour in all-time NHL coaching wins. I wonder if there was a franchise that maybe fired both of them. (Excuse me while I kick a puppy.) [Second City Hockey]
  • Drouin trade speculation! Maybe it happens soon! (And maybe not.) [Raw Charge]
  • SB Nation Blog Council (including our own Dan Saraceni): Time for the Jets to tank? [SB Nation]
  • The Carolina Hurricanes are actually kind of good. [TSN]
  • Willie O'Ree sees "Soul on Ice" with the commish. [NHL]
  • Denna Laing may sue the NHL and others for her Winter Classic spinal cord injury, but it would probably be for insurance purposes. [SCOC]
  • A Leafs Q&A with that young Kyle Dubas fella. [Leafs]
  • Donald Fehr and the NHLPA are drawn into a lawsuit between Claude Lemieux and Ritch "Nuclear" Winter, and I can't think of two better weasels to go around fighting each other in court. [TSN]
  • Malkin To The Kings interviewed, with no regrets. [Silver Seven]
  • The horror story of the Oilers' first-overall picks. [Battle of Cali]
  • The world watched yesterday as authorities decided whether it was genius or miscarriage to dip an arena hot dog in "nacho" cheese, even in Calgary. [SBN Lookit]

P.S. Anyone notice the beer toss on the ice after Nick Leddy's goal last night? Classy.