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Video: Islanders Mikhail Grabovski and Nikolay Kulemin embrace the hipster lifestyle in skinny jeans, kimonos and vintage gear

Do you have just coffee?

The Islanders' Eastern Bloc Boys are at it again. Fresh off their Russian food tasting tour with MSG Network's Shannon Hogan, Mikhail Grabovski and Nikolay Kulemin are featured in a new video from The Fourth Period in which they "try to embrace the hipster lifestyle" in various (and hilarious) ways.

WARNING: There's a good chance that seeing Grabovski in a silk robe and Kulemin destroying a pair of skinny jeans might change your perception of reality.

Kulemin Jeans

But trust me: relax and enjoy the three-minute experience. There are more than a couple of laugh out loud moments, such as the guys daring to order just plain coffee at a Brooklyn cafe and riding a two-person bicycle with the same chemistry they show on the ice.

The video was produced by Dave Pagnotta of The Fourth Period, hockey's lifestyle magazine.

If this is just a taste of the type of comedy Grabovski and Kulemin are capable of, then the team and MSG Network need to seriously consider adding them to Keeping Up With The Boychuks in an all-Islanders reality show block.