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Islanders Ryan Strome answers Twitter questions, mostly about Call of Duty and food

No zombies!

Uh, dude, I don't think that laptop is gonna handle CoD
Uh, dude, I don't think that laptop is gonna handle CoD

Islanders forward Ryan Strome took over the team's Twitter account today (with the hashtag #AskStrome) and answered questions sent in by fans.

These things don't tend to be hard-hitting or confrontational (seems like an awful lot of people want to ask every Islander who their funniest teammate is), but Strome's turn at the wheel took an unexpected and kinda funny detour into extended sections on two topics very close to my heart: video games and food.

Modern Warfare

Another thing that always happens when a player does a Twitter Q&A is one of their teammates (whom I always assume is sitting in the next room) chimes in with a quick goofball question. In this case, it was Calvin de Haan, who ended up starting a whole thread when he brought up the team's game du jour: Call of Duty: Black Ops III:

But that was just the opening everyone needed:

Strome's not just a video gamer. Sometimes, he goes analog, but he stays in the zone:

This turned out to be very revealing: 1. de Haan is the team's CoD organizer, apparently; 2. They play on Xbox One and; 3. Strome isn't into the zombies thing. Still unknown is whether or not they invite admitted non-gamer Anders Lee from the sessions.

*   *   *

Burger Time

When he isn't thinking about Call of Duty, Strome has his eyes on his stomach. Food questions aren't unique to this, but he seemed to get a lot of them today for some reason. And it looks like he was hungry.

C'mon, man...

Uh... phrasing.

So there you go. We hope Strome eventually got his lunch and got to play some CoD on his day off. We'll have to wait until next time to get his opinion on Star Wars: Battlefront and which Islander is the worst at griefing noobs.